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Tour of the Cempoala and Quiahuitlan Archeological Zones.


Cempoala is one of the most important cities of the Gulf Coast, although there is evidence of the Olmec style in the site.  It was the capital of the Totonaca people, dominating a large part of the Veracruz territory and the North of Puebla State where the Totonaca, Chiananteca and Zapoteca peoples co-inhabited, gathering about fifty towns.

In its most important epoch, Cempoala’s population reached 25 to 30 thousand inhabitants. One of its most outstanding characteristics is a series of rings arranged at regular intervals, which according to some researchers, was a tool built to measure time.

Description of the site.

The planning and distribution of the buildings in the site is based on the use of “Walled Systems”, whose main objective was to protect them from frequent floods. All the tall buildings have stairs with narrow foot rest and high stilt, while the platforms and entrances to the halls have wide foot rests and low stilt,   all flanked by wide struts with straightened stringers.

The site has several ensembles of mounds surrounded by walls. The civic-ceremonial area encompasses a space of 4,300 m2 where the Pimiento Building, Montezuma’s Palace, the Temple of the Cross, and the Building of Little Faces rise. Walled System IV was formed by the Great Temple to the North, the chimneys to the East, the Great Pyramid to the West, and the Temple of the Wind God.

The Totonaca city of Quiahuixtlan was founded between the years 800 and 900 A.D. by groups who tried to protect themselves from the barbarians coming from the North; that is why it is located on an elevated site of difficult access called Hill of the Metates.

The Central Cemetery stands out. Thirty-four tombs have been found which adopt the shape of small temples made on a small scale. Inside these have been found human remains and offerings of polychrome dishes decorated with geometric or zoomorphic motifs indicating the importance of the individuals deposited there. The tombs sometimes present a small hole, perhaps to permit the transit of the soul of the person buried. In another section of the site called Eastern Cemetery, 23 tombs with the same characteristics have been located.

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Gathering place Expediciones México Verde
Tour sites Archeological zones of Cempoala and Quiahuixtlan
Departure Be at México Verde Camp at 8:30 a.m
Arrival To México Verde Camp at 6:45 p.m
Recommended garments Comfortable clothes, cap, camera
It includes
Transportation Specialized Guide
Tickets to Archaeological Areas Accident Insurance
It does not include
Meals Tips
General Recommendations Punctuality, take cash for souvenirs, camera
Safety Recommendations In case of having some medical condition, please notify the staff in order to take the necessary precautions.
Cost Per person



08:30 am

Arrival and registration at camp

09:00 am

Departure to Archeological Tour

10:30 - 2:00 pm

Visit to Cempoala, capital of the Totonaca Empire

2:00 pm

Meal (not included)

03:15 pm

Visit to Quiahuixtlan, Totonaca Cemetery

05:30 pm

Return to México Verde Camp

06:45 pm

Arrival to México Verde Camp

Cempoala, Veracruz, Archeological Site


Quiahuixtlan, Veracruz, Archeological Site

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