5 hrs.
Destreza Física

Senderos del Café.

Our tour will take you into a subtropical fog forest which is one of the most beautiful regions of Veracruz.  Live the experience of walking through one of the most representative and traditional coffee plantations of the magical town of Coatepec, and take advantage of the opportunity to see an antique coffee processing plant, characteristic of the 19th Century for its machinery.  It opened its doors for the first time do give the visitor a chance to find out how coffee goes form the plantation to your coffee cup.  In one of antique warehouses where grain is still stored, we will have a coffee tasting led by an expert guide. Additionally, we will visit hacienda Pacho Nuevo to know how high altitude coffee is processed manually.


The aroma of coffee, the contact with nature, and historical architecture are found in “Coffee Trails”, a unique route in our country for those who wish to know the history behind a cup of coffee.  A tour of these characteristics is an experience that coffee lovers cannot miss.


The activity requires a minimum of 2 participants in order to be reserved by us. For additional requirements and doubts, please contact our call center.


Price per person


Meeting place Expediciones México Verde
Place of activity Jalcomulco, Veracruz

We recommend you to arrive at México Verde Camp at 8:00 am.

Arrival  Arrival at México Verde Camp at 3:00pm
Recommended clothing

Comfortable clothes, cap, flat shoes

Tour of the plantation with an explanation about the varieties of coffee plants and about how coffee is grown Visit to the antique Beneficio (cooperative) and coffee warehouses
Snacks Coffee Tasting
Accident insurance Specialized guides
Transportation Entrance fees
Not included
Meals Tips
General recommendations Take cash for souvenirs and a camera.
Safety recommendations In case of a medical conditions, please inform the tour guides.
Minimum age Over five years old.
Physical Effort Low .





09:00 hrs

Departure to Cafetalera Bola de Oro in Coatepec

09:30 hrs

Departure to Cafetalera Bola de Oro in Coatepec

11:00 hrs


11:30 hrs

Visit to the antique coffee Beneficio and warehouses

12:00 hrs

Coffee tasting

13:00 hrs

Visit to hacienda Pacho Nuevo

14:30 hrs

Return to Coatepec

For reservations contact our call center.

Call us: +52 (228) 818 0545

Senderos del Café - Expediciones México Verde
Senderos del Café - Expediciones Mexico Verde


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