Tours and Tours through Magic Towns. Come with us to the Magic Towns and know in depth the state of Veracruz. Multiple experiences will lead you to venture into the colors, tastes and aromas of our magical villages. Magical Towns is a program developed by the Ministry of Tourism (Sectur) of Mexico in conjunction with various governmental bodies, which recognizes those who inhabit these cities and the Work they have developed to protect and preserve their cultural wealth.

The SECTUR has named Pueblo Mágico to several towns in all Mexican territory as Coatepec and Xico in Veracruz. The environment of each one varies from the strong influence of the indigenous past, the great legacy of the old Spanish colonial empire, the preservation of secular and ancestral traditions, and important places of historical events in the life of Mexico.

We have designed entertaining and cultural tours that complement your experience as a  Mexico Verde Expeditionary. Our tours of historical sites are guided by certified guides who are experts in the history and importance of each place included in the tour.

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