Spa, Massage and Temazcal.

Relax and revitalize your body and soul, we have SPA and Temazcal in which you can enjoy in communion with the nature of relaxing massages, detoxifying baths and aromatherapy, among other services.


El Temazcal is a relaxing bath Of steam in the pre-Hispanic way. Many healing properties are attributed to it. The aromatic herbs that are used in the ritual help to generate a process of detoxification. It decreases the stress, by the general corporal state that is obtained with the heat and the humidity. These baths, originally made of adobe, have been used by diverse indigenous cultures of Mesoamerica and North America with medicinal purposes of detoxification by sweating and expectoration based on Vapors produced by herbal infusions. The equivalent name in Maya is zumpul-ché and in Mixtec, ñihi.

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