We are a company with a deep sense of commitment to nature. We worry about sustainability in all aspects, taking care of the environment and its social surroundings.


We are certified at an international level by Green Key, an international distinction that promotes sustainable practices in touristic establishments. We are the first to obtain this certification in Veracruz.


We are certified as eco leaders by Trip Advisor, achieving the gold level.

Our Environmental Policy


The topic of major relevance at an international level is related with the actions humanity must undertake with the ends of mitigation its impact on the planet.

For many years the human being lived without limits, provoking an irrational consumption of natural resources, and with a low degree of conscience concerning this excessive consumption.; nevertheless, nowadays our planet is showing great signs of deterioration, and to continue with the same patterns we now have will only speed up our extinction.

Given the lacks the world is facing, it is important that we become more sensible in our life style. That is why many organizations in the private and public sector have joined the environmental sensitizing campaigns with the objective of diminishing our impact on the environment.  

Turismo Sustentable Green Key Mexico Verde


México Verde Green Key Sustainable Tourism

The touristic sector has not been the exception; today, touristic policies are oriented towards strengthening a more sustainable tourism. The World Tourism Organization has defined sustainable tourism as “The Tourism that fully takes into account present and future economic, social, and environmental repercussions, in order to satisfy the needs of visitors, industry, the surroundings, and the host communities.




It is a fact that the planet needs our care if we want it to continue providing us what we need. That is why carrying out sustainable actions is of the utmost importance.

The famous urban orchards are a very important and significant alternative in caring for the environment. Following, we provide a list of some of its benefits:

  1. Ecological Agriculture is practiced in the majority of the urban orchards. This group of techniques for producing food is respectful of the environment, with biodiversity and with the preservation of resources.


  1. Taking advantage of rainwater, reusing urban and industrial residues, is a fundamental recycling of Ecological Agriculture. Many organic residues from homes, the maintenance of parks and gardens, or from the food industry can be used in the orchards for preparing compost, or making covering or padding, thus contributing to the consumption of natural resources.


  1. Green spaces reduce the carbon trace in the cities, and also the “heat island” effect.


  1. They favor the sustainability in cities for many reasons: it favors recycling, it reduces the use of plastic containers and bags, it lessens the trips to the distant green zones obtained through social claims, the quality of the air is improved, useless or degrades zones are recuperates.

Trips with your couple are always very exciting and generally pleasant, but they can also be a disaster from the moment of choosing the destiny to the places and things to do when you arrive.  Human beings are complicated when it comes to agreeing on something. That is why we present you with some tips you may consider to avoid your vacation from becoming a disaster.

  1. Consider the tastes and way of being of your couple. This sounds simple and even obvious, but we tend to idealize our trips according to where we would like to be with that person, or what we would like to do accompanied with that person.  Many times it is not what we expect, and it may be sufficient motive for a disaster.
  2. Planning, planning and more planning. Spontaneity is incredible. The surprises you least expect are often the most significant and exciting, but to arrive at a place without knowing exactly where you stand may ruin your trip completely. The all-inclusive packages are a super useful tool in these cases. The most recommendable is to follow an itinerary that leaves room for any other attraction that may come up. Do as much research as you can about your destiny and surprise your couple with your vast touristic knowledge.
  3. Blessed technology. Nowadays the social networks and mobile applications are at their peak. Load your apparatus with the most popular and useful. Apps like TripAdvisor, foursquare, waze; even Facebook and Twitter are sources of information about places near your location. Making use of them may save you a bad experience, or on the contrary, help you to choose the best option for enjoying that special trip.
  4. ¡Souvenirs everywhere! Buy a souvenir of that incredible trip; to remember is to live again. It does not have to be anything expensive or big: a key chain, a picture frame, a mug, etc.. And every time you look at that object you will be transported back to the place you shared with that special person.


Coatepec, Veracruz is a beautiful, picturesque town 8 km away from the city of Xalapa de Enríquez, Veracruz (Capital of the State), on a fertile valley at the foot of Cofre de Perote mountain. Its streets still preserve the Colonial style, and its natural views are impressive, the reason why it was listed as a “Magical Town” in 2006.

As if that were not enough, climatic conditions favor the growing of the so-called “High Altitude Coffee”, and thanks to this it is known as the coffee capital of México.” Not everybody knows the reason for this denomination, but do not worry, we will tell you why.

In the world of coffee there exist four classifications, and these are related to the circumstances in which it is grown; to be exact, at what altitude above sea level it is produced.

1st Strictly Altitude: The highest classification. This denomination belongs to the beans grown in the high lands.

2nd High Altitude: A coffee of excellent quality grown at 900 to 1,200 meters above sea level

3rd Prima Washed: The quality is not so good anymore, and it is grown at altitudes between 600 and 900 meters above sea level.

4th Robust: It is the last of the classifications and is grown at 0 to 600 meters above sea level.

Coatepec is located at 1,250 meters above sea level. Now we know why it is called “The coffee capital of México.”