Sustainable Tourism: Green Key for México Verde

The topic of major relevance at an international level is related with the actions humanity must undertake with the ends of mitigation its impact on the planet.

For many years the human being lived without limits, provoking an irrational consumption of natural resources, and with a low degree of conscience concerning this excessive consumption.; nevertheless, nowadays our planet is showing great signs of deterioration, and to continue with the same patterns we now have will only speed up our extinction.

Given the lacks the world is facing, it is important that we become more sensible in our life style. That is why many organizations in the private and public sector have joined the environmental sensitizing campaigns with the objective of diminishing our impact on the environment.  

Turismo Sustentable Green Key Mexico Verde


México Verde Green Key Sustainable Tourism

The touristic sector has not been the exception; today, touristic policies are oriented towards strengthening a more sustainable tourism. The World Tourism Organization has defined sustainable tourism as “The Tourism that fully takes into account present and future economic, social, and environmental repercussions, in order to satisfy the needs of visitors, industry, the surroundings, and the host communities. 


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