Benefits of urban vegetable gardens

It is a fact that the planet needs our care if we want it to continue providing us what we need. That is why carrying out sustainable actions is of the utmost importance.

The famous urban orchards are a very important and significant alternative in caring for the environment. Following, we provide a list of some of its benefits:

  1. Ecological Agriculture is practiced in the majority of the urban orchards. This group of techniques for producing food is respectful of the environment, with biodiversity and with the preservation of resources.


  1. Taking advantage of rainwater, reusing urban and industrial residues, is a fundamental recycling of Ecological Agriculture. Many organic residues from homes, the maintenance of parks and gardens, or from the food industry can be used in the orchards for preparing compost, or making covering or padding, thus contributing to the consumption of natural resources.


  1. Green spaces reduce the carbon trace in the cities, and also the “heat island” effect.


  1. They favor the sustainability in cities for many reasons: it favors recycling, it reduces the use of plastic containers and bags, it lessens the trips to the distant green zones obtained through social claims, the quality of the air is improved, useless or degrades zones are recuperates.


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